hgtv green home: craft room + laundry room

With a vaulted ceiling and plenty of elbow room to spread out and sketch, the craft area beckons the artist.

Colored pencils, beeswax crayons, acrylic paints, goat-hair brushes and sketching pads scatter across the tabletop. Durable resin wicker chairs, designed for outdoor use, offer comfortable seating.

Modern in design with an antiqued finish, adjustable task lighting on each end of the 12-foot hickory counter shines a spotlight on works in progress. An oiled beechwood easel is set with canvas, should inspiration strike.

Conveniently located near the kids’ bedroom and the craft area, the laundry room offers both a front-loading Energy Star-rated steam washer and a dryer.

The room’s workstation, topped with steel-troweled concrete, offers space to sort and fold laundry, and treat difficult stains in the undermount single-bowl sink.

Playful word signs crafted by carpenter David Brown grace the entrance to a 57-inch-wide by 50-inch-deep closet, outfitted with shelving and hanger space.