HGTV green home: living room courtyard

Sliding glass doors lead to a refined space, an extension of the home’s very public gathering room. All-weather furnishings fashioned from recycled milk jugs and cushions upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics ensure durability and say “green” in a chic way. “This is truly an extension of the living room, another sitting area that commands attention,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

The permeable courtyard surface, paved in crushed granite and a locally sourced specialty slate mix, allows rainwater to seep to the home’s subsurface drainage system.

Pliable, antifungal and antibacterial cube tables, crafted by Georgia artist Dwayne Bass, are fashioned from shredded rubber, then colorized with organically mined dyes.

Container gardens, planted with camellias, ivy and pansies, and set at the courtyard’s four corners, provide color and fragrance during the spring and summer months.

A staircase, complete with dimmable LED riser lights, leads from the courtyard to the detached garage and an alley that runs behind the home.


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