HGTV green home: foyer

The home’s vertical circulation serves as an ascending gallery of interior designer Linda Woodrum’s favorite Georgia finds. The three-story staircase also serves as a natural circulation chamber: When windows are opened on the main floor, hot air rises to the cupola, where windows open via remote control to evacuate the air.

A vertical circulation referred to by architect Steve Kemp as the home’s “light well,” the three-story staircase draws light into the home.

Turpentine pitch pots, upcycled as light fixtures, flank a series of oil paintings by Jeff Surace.

A tobacco stick chandelier crafted by Atlanta artist Jeff Jones features six dropped sockets suspended from colored fabric-covered cords.

Interior windows, which allow light to pass from one space to the next, contribute to the home’s open design.

A dividing wall separates two flights of the switchback staircase. Interior windows open up views as one ascends the tower.

A stainless steel rod below each floating white oak step ensures safety and security as one ascends the steps.

Baseboard molding in a rich mocha color pops in the bright and airy space. “I liked the high contrast; the color set off the stairs and grounded them,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “We needed a good dark color to counter the stairwell’s volume.”


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