HGTV green home: living room


To promote a feeling of unity between the courtyard and the living room, interior designer Linda Woodrum chose a neutral, controlled palette. Furnishings, though captivating, do not distract from the view.

To differentiate living from dining room, walls are clad in poplar wood — a significant yet subtle detail. “It’s the most important room in the house, but we have to do it in a really understated way,” says Linda.

Refined, neutral furnishings gracefully pair with both rustic and industrial fixtures.

A trio of extension arm lamps shines a spotlight on the living room’s contemporary sofa, upholstered in a neutral, eco-friendly fabric.

Side chairs lend architectural interest and offer an intriguing view from the kitchen. “Those chairs are gorgeous from the back,” says Linda. “The gray wood treatment is perfect — it’s that little bit of dark that helped pop that room.”

A wall of glass connects the living room to the courtyard. Custom-crafted drapes frame the dramatic view. “There’s something wonderfully dramatic about drapes that are two stories high,” says Linda.

The room’s 8-foot mirror, framed in rough-sawn heart pine, resembles a picture book cover.

Eco-friendly area rugs anchor spaces on the main floor and create transitions from one room to the next. Buttery shades pop against engineered hickory wood flooring




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