HGTV green home 2012 kitchen

Lately I have been obsessed with the HGTV green home. I would love to move and live in this gorgeous home. This is an amazing home, from top to bottom, stay with me for the next week or two to see this beautiful home. My home is great, however, it is older, smaller, and I don’t have the means to make a bunch of renovations right now. So I can dream about this home for now. Here is the beautiful kitchen:

According to interior designer Linda Woodrum, Serenbe’s warm days and cool nights served as inspiration for a layering of warm and cool tones in the kitchen. “Even though it’s a rather neutral palette, there’s a lot of richness in the texture and materials playing against each other,” says Linda.

Hickory wood cabinetry, custom-designed in Atlanta, Ga., establishes the room’s subdued neutral palette.

Variation in tile — both travertine and glass — lends interest in the space, where sliver windows, capped with extension-arm lamps, provide ample task lighting. Outlets are concealed atop each tiled window ledge.

Frameless cabinetry complete with full overlay doors is paired with stainless steel, satin nickel and galvanized metal to tell a story of warm and cool surfaces.

A dual-fuel range offers a pro-style cooktop, genuine European convection™ with an advanced circulation system, up to 10 cooking modes and 4.6 cubic feet of capacity.

In the island front, double doors open to reveal 23-inch-deep by 40-inch-wide storage cabinets. To encourage dining at the table or in the courtyard, interior designer Linda Woodrum eliminated barstools.

Sleek and energy efficient, the stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator boasts a multi-airflow cooling system that ensures an even temperature distribution.

Strategically placed glass walls create the illusion of expansive square footage, with one room bleeding effortlessly into the next.

Tumbled travertine and glass mosaic tile is used to define inset wall surfaces that surround sliver windows. Windows provide natural light while ensuring privacy.

Custom terrazzo-blend countertop material clads three sides of the island. The material, a proprietary mix of cement binder, pozzolans, sand, fiber and decorative aggregates, including bottle glass reclaimed from Atlanta restaurants and neighborhood recycling programs, lends drama to the space.



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