before + after spotlight: pretty mini office





how to:

a pretty and private home office

  1. Use vertical space. Wundrok removed the rod, kept the top shelves intact, and had plywood cut for a desktop. She painted the surfaces a glossy white. (Impervex Gloss, $17 a gallon, for stores.)
  2.  Add charm. Rosabella wallpaper ($140 a roll, for stores) brightened up the spot. “The space is so small, I could afford to splurge on this beautiful wallpaper,” she says.
  3. Contain clutter. Wundrok used to cram wrapping paper in the closet, but “it would get all mangled at the ends,” she says. So she screwed coat hooks into the wall to cradle rolls and repurposed a spice rack for ribbons. Computer wires are plugged into a power strip that’s attached to the wall beneath the desktop.




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